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∎ Submitted Documents
  1) Enterprises and Training Institutions
    - Timecard (note the training institution)
    - Performance Evaluation Table (evaluation from institution staffs)
    - Internship Weekly Reports
    - Internship Comprehensive Reports
    - Confirmation Documents of Internship Performance
      ※ The scope of performance should be prepared by selecting relavant work on internship manual of SW university's homepage.
  2) On-Campus Laboratories
    - Timecard (note the on-campus laboratory / write the working hours every month)
    - Performance Evaluation Table (students are evaluated by on-campus laboratory supervisors)
    - Internship (of on-campus laboratory) Monthly Reports / Comprehensive Reports / Confirmation Documents of the Performance

∎ Submission Methods: Upload on GLS
  - Credit Acquirer: Download or screenshot the prepared file that overlaps with the parts of the contents written on the Toolgate site.
  - Non-Acquired Creditors: Complete it in the Software Convergence University's template