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Introduction to SW department


∎ A new advanced track with 18 to 21 credits for each major in different departments
∎ Compactness of credits for Experiment courses and majors
- Experiment Course (14 -> 6 credits)
- Major Course ( 72 -> 63 credits)
∎ Upgraded major core credits by further classifying artificial intelligence-related Courses into major cores ( 27 -> 36 credits)
∎ Eliminating existing major core / general distinction and reorganizing into problem-solving and TOPIC-centered major core and depth courses
∎ Major Core Tracks for Undergraduate and Graduate General Courses

Course Education Contents Category
Distributed Computing Principle The latest theories of distributed systems 3 Credits
Blockchain and Smart Contracts The latest technologies and theories of blockchain
Artificial Intelligence Security The latest security technology utilizing Artificial Intelligence
Information Visualization The latest theories and technologies of Information Visualization
Software Structural Design Theory Analyze the latest computer architecture
Compilers and Principles of Language The latest compiler and programming language design
Network Artificial Intelligence The latest network technology leveraging AI
Advanced Computer Network Design Latest theory of Advanced Computer Network
Virtual Reality Foundation and latest technologies of Virtual Reality
Robot vision (Information and Communiation Technology) 4th Industrial Convergence Subject
U-Healthcare (IT Convergence) 4th Industrial Convergence Subject
Intelligence Control (ECE) 4th Industrial Convergence Subject