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Introduction to SW department

Non - Curricular Course

∎ Students' practical knowledge, creativity/convergence, global, and pre-admission education were divided and organized.

Field Course
Practical knowledge ▪️ Corporate lectures, TOPCIT competitions, internships, industry-academic cooperation projects, industry-academic cooperation R&E research, Silicon Valley video lectures, excellent undergraduate research programs, language self-learning, developer mentoring
▪️ Establishment of a program development capability evaluation system
creativity / convergence ▪️ Software quiz, club activity, software contest, reading discussion, auger activity, high school SW mentoring, open SW community participation, SPARK program, study group, S-TOP exhibition
▪️ Job Fair with Idea Power Plant, Enterprise
Global ▪️ English/Chinese conversation, participation in various programming competitions, global challenge program, world friends ICT volunteer, joint project of overseas universities, overseas university training, start-up training program
▪️ Operation of overseas volunteer service site
Pre-admissioneducation ▪️ Python Programming Language Education