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Introducing One-Team - Reserchers

Classification Name Researcher Position Contact Address Main Duties
General Dana Song General Manager 031-290-7189 - SW-centered university project supervision
- SEstablishing a cooperative system between National Program of Excellence in Software/supporting SCCEI internships
- Media promotion and marketing communication
- Response processing of local governments, institutions, and school ministries
Enterprise Plan 1 Bo Ra Song Senior Researcher 031-299-4101 - College of Computing and Infomatic's affairs and undergraduate tutors
- Global program and internship management
- Planning and managing TOPCIT, scholarship, mentoring program
- Operation of the Education Innovation Advisory Committee
So Yeon Bang Researcher 031-290-7188 - Performance indicator management, team research credit system operation
- Management of business group operation guidelines strategy and university consultative body
- IITP, work response and research data support
- Planning and management of media promotion and value spread programs
Jiun Ahn Researcher
(DS Center)
02-740-1686 - DS Center (Humanities and Social Sciences Campus)
- Operation of SW pre-admission program
- Planning and Operation of Large-scale Classification Class
Enterprise Plan 2 Hyun Jin Jang Researcher
(Global Convergence)
031-290-7155 - Planning and operation of curriculum/non-curricular programs in the Department of Global Convergence
- Performance indicators and stage evaluation back-up (annual report/business plan)
other committees/events support and prepare/manage minutes
Da Eun Lee Researcher
(Industry-academia & start-ups)
031-290-4427 - Management of SNS (home page, YouTube, Instagram, newsletter)
- Industry-academia/start-up (SOSC) performance, software-centered business group space, and equipment management
- Operation of signature programs
Budget & Aggrement Chae Ram Kim Researcher 031-290-5867 - Matters concerning the modification of the agreement due to budget I, changes in participating personnel, etc
- Report on the settlement and management of research expenses, recruitment and appointment of researchers
- Responding to the work of the Software-centered University Council
Eun Hye Lee Researcher 031-290-7157 - Budget II, settlement and management of research expenses (Industry-academia & start-up)
- Appointment and task management of SW Convergence Research Institute
- Recruitment and management of working students