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Introduction to SW department


Grade Course Credits Field Education Contents New Tec. New Opening
1 - 1 Introduction to computers 2 Deep Introduction to computers and software
Industry-Academic Cooperation Project 1 1 Deep Implementation of Industry-Academic Cooperation Project O
1 - 2 Introduction to Data Structure 3 Core Understanding and Implementing the Operation Principles of Various Data Structures
Digital logic circuit 3 Deep Understanding Logical Circuits
2 - 1 System program 3 Core Assembly, Runtime Environment, Low-Level Programming
Problem Solving Techniques 3 Core Algorithm for solving various problems in real life O
Java programming practice 2 Experiment JAVA Programming Practice
Open Source SW Practice 2 Experiment Open Source SW Development Methodology and Application
2 - 2 Introduction to Algorithms 3 Core Understanding and Implementing Computing Algorithms
Introduction to Computer Structure 3 Core Understanding Computer Structure and Principles of Operation
automata 3 Deep Understanding Automata Theory
Industry-Academic Cooperation Project 2 1 Deep Implementation of Industry-Academic Cooperation Project O
Industry-Academic Cooperation Project 3 1 Deep Implementation of Industry-Academic Cooperation Project O
System Programming Practice 2 Experiment Linux Operating System Programming Practice
Introduction to programming 3 Deep Introduction to programming for students with multiple majors
3 - 1 Introduction to the Database 3 Core Understanding and Implementing SQL and NoSQL Learning and DBMS/NoSQL Platform Structure for Database Utilization O
Operating system 3 Core Understanding and Implementing the Operating System Structure
programming language 3 Core Theory and compiler design of programming languages
Seminar on Computer Engineering 1 Deep The latest research and industry trends in the computer field
Mobile App Programming Practice 2 Experiment Mobile and Internet of Things Experiments O
3 - 2 Introduction to Software Engineering 3 Core Theory and Application of Software Engineering
Introduction to Computer Network 3 Core Understanding How Wired and Wireless Networks Work
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 3 Core Basic Theory of Artificial Intelligence O
Software seminar 1 Deep Software Latest Research and Industry Trends O
Introduction to Information Protection 3 Deep cryptography, system security, network security O
Web Programming Practice 2 Experiment Web programming practice such as JAVA Script
4 - 1 Introduction to HCI 3 Deep Understanding and Implementation of Various HCI Techniques O
Principle of Machine Learning 3 Core Machine Learning, Neural Network Theory O
The Theory of ICT Business Operation 3 Deep SW startup start-up and operation O
Introduction to Computer Graphics 3 Deep Computer Graphics Theory and Implementation Method
Software Special Lecture 1 3 Deep The Latest Theory of Software
Artificial Intelligence Project 2 Experiment Artificial intelligence SW practice such as TensorFlow O
Network Project 2 Experiment Latest network SW practices, including SDN
Computer vision 3 Deep Computer Vision Theory and Implementation Method O
Internet services and information protection 3 Deep Theory and Methodology of Computer Security Technology O
Big Data Analysis Methodology 3 Deep Theory and Methodology for Big Data Analysis O
Introduction to Deep Neural Networks 3 Deep Deep Learning Theory and Practice O
4 - 2 Introduction to System Simulation 3 Deep Simulated System Analysis
Multi-core computing 3 Deep Structure and parallelism of multicore computers
Software Special Lecture 2 3 Deep The Latest Theory of Software
Database Project 2 Experiment Implementing a database system O
Embedded Systems Project 2 Experiment Implementing Embedded Systems O
Data Science 3 Deep Various data analysis algorithms and tools O
4 Capstone Design Project 3 Deep Industry-Academic Cooperation Project Based on Practical Practice O
AI Capstone Design 3 Deep AI Industry-Academic Cooperation Project O O
Virtual Reality 3 Common Virtual Reality Foundation and Latest Technologies O O
Advanced Computer Network Design 3 Common 고Advanced Computer Network Latest Theory O O
Network artificial intelligence 3 Common Latest network technology using AI O O
Distributed Computing Principle 3 Common the latest theory of distributed systems O O
Software Structural Design Theory 3 Common Analyze the latest computer architecture O O
Information visualization 3 Common Information Visualization The latest theories and technologies O O
Compilers and Principles of Language 3 Common Latest compilers and PL technologies O O
Artificial Intelligence Security 3 Common Latest security technology using artificial intelligence O O
Blockchain and Smart Contracts 3 Common Latest blockchain technologies and theories O O
Robot vision 3 Deep Fourth Industrial Convergence Course O O
U-Healthcare 3 Common Fourth Industrial Convergence Course O O
Intelligence control 3 Deep Fourth Industrial Convergence Course O O