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∎ Prepare the Practical Skills and Knowledge Related to the Internship Task
  - Before conducting the field practice, students should understand the contents of the field training and prepare to develop practical skills and knowledge necessary for the field training.

∎ Advance Preliminary Report and Get Guidance of the Internship from the Professor in Charge
  - Before conducing the field training, students must report the contents of field training to the professor in charge, and complete prior guidance on the field training.
  - Student must conduct the field training according to the instructions of the professor in charge. No credits will be given without the prior guidance of professor in charge.

∎ Submit a 'Confirmation of Major Suitability for Field Training Subjects'
  - Get confirmation from the professor in charge and on 'Confirmation of Major suitability (Attached on file)' and file out the form.
  - Visit the department's office and receive a confirmation from the professor in charge of the field training whether his field training can be recognized as a major credit. Then, students submit a scanned copy of the "Confirmation of Major Suitability" (PDF file) with the signature of the professor.
  "Confirmation of Major Suitability" is not needed for 1 credit of general selection (field practice 1,2,3).
  ※ After the internship, the same part will be carried out.